Custom acrylic ( or Lucite) furniture is one of our specialty. Acrylic is a synthetic material that was first crudely developed in the mid to late 1800s, even though it was not officially patented until the 1930s. These products have particular characteristics of brightness, transparency and high resistance.

Lucite furniture design ideas are the newest trends in the contemporary interior design conceptions. The air they are bringing in the room is enigmatic, minimalistic, and vanguard. If you are looking for something different and original, the acrylic furniture will help you to create a new artistic home atmosphere.

Adding some unaffected and charming transparency and lightness into your home interior design, the acrylic furniture is the best idea we can recommend you. Acrylic furniture , as a matter of fact, are so compact, convenient, and all-purpose that they can adjust to all the contemporary styles and interior conceptions at home.

We love mixing a few contemporary pieces of furniture with classic antiques in residential design schemes. Acrylic furniture is seen as contemporary; while at the same time it evokes a mid-century vintage feel. By using these beautiful transparent items selectively, designers create living spaces appear larger and more airy.

We offers all sorts of unusual acrylic furniture. Dining tables and chairs, pedestals, bar stools, acrylic lamps combine to great a modern setting . Also We do any custom acrylic piece as well. Every product we make is hand cut and polished.

The material that we use is "Plexiglass" and "Policast" they are well recognize for their quality .